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[Patch] OS X shared build, pt3

From: Per Persson
Subject: [Patch] OS X shared build, pt3
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 08:43:19 +0100

These patches below should fix the remaining build problems on OS X.

./configure --enable-shared --enable-dl --disable-static FLIBS=-lg2c LDFLAGS=-L/opt/local/lib CPPFLAGS='-no-cpp-precomp -I/opt/local/include'

Octave is now configured for powerpc-apple-darwin7.2.0

  Source directory:     .
  Installation prefix:  /usr/local
  C compiler:           gcc   -Wall -W -Wshadow -g -O2
  C++ compiler:         g++   -Wall -W -Wshadow -g -O2
  Fortran compiler:     g77 -O
  Fortran libraries:    -lg2c
  BLAS libraries:        -framework vecLib
  FFTW libraries:       -lfftw3
  HDF5 libraries:       -lhdf5 -lz
  MPI libraries:
  LIBS:                 -lreadline  -lncurses -lhdf5 -lz -lm
  Default pager:        less
  gnuplot:              gnuplot

  Do internal array bounds checking:  false
  Build static libraries:             false
  Build shared libraries:             true
  Dynamic Linking:                    true (dyld)
  Include support for GNU readline:   true

octave-forge-2004.02.12 compiles out-of-the-box after a simple configure.

I'd appreciate if someone could verify this.


Index: mkoctfile.in
RCS file: /cvs/octave/mkoctfile.in,v
retrieving revision 1.40
diff -u -d -b -w -r1.40 mkoctfile.in
--- mkoctfile.in        2004/02/16 06:00:54     1.40
+++ mkoctfile.in        2004/02/20 07:18:55
@@ -383,7 +383,7 @@
       exit 1
     cmd="$DL_LD $DL_LDFLAGS -o $octfile $objfiles $ldflags $LINK_DEPS"
     $dbg $cmd
     eval $cmd
Index: src/Makefile.in
RCS file: /cvs/octave/src/Makefile.in,v
retrieving revision 1.335
diff -u -d -b -w -r1.335 Makefile.in
--- src/Makefile.in     2004/02/16 20:32:20     1.335
+++ src/Makefile.in     2004/02/20 07:18:56
@@ -195,11 +195,11 @@

-  -L../liboctave $(LIBOCTAVE) -L../libcruft $(LIBCRUFT) $(FLIBS)
+ -L../liboctave $(LIBOCTAVE) -L../libcruft $(LIBCRUFT) $(LIBS) $(FLIBS)

   -L../libcruft $(LIBCRUFT) -L../liboctave $(LIBOCTAVE) \

 DISTFILES = Makefile.in ChangeLog mkdefs mkops mkgendoc \
        DOCSTRINGS mkbuiltins mk-oct-links \

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