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Re: Octave Code Manual with Doxygen?

From: JD Cole
Subject: Re: Octave Code Manual with Doxygen?
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 19:18:04 -0800
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I built the doxygen docs no problem, I have attached the Doxygen (config) file. I think your problem is that within that file you have to specify which files you want doxygen to parse. If you didn't do that it may try to parse all of them. If you look at the output you gave, it's trying to parse an object file which is a) won't produce any relevant results, and b) object files are huge, that's probably why you got the buffer overflow. Compare the attached doxygen file to the defaut file generated by doxygen -g, and you'll see the difference. (By the way it's a big file, so use diff or something like that.)


Clinton Chee wrote:

Hi JD and Doxygen users,

Have anyone successfully used doxygen on the octave code? I tried it and receive the error below. I ran doxygen from the root of the code base, in my case, it is: /nfs/users01/unsw/chee/programs/octave-2_1_50

Is the octave code too large for doxygen?

The error is:
Preprocessing /nfs/users01/unsw/chee/programs/octave-2_1_50/liboctave/Array-flags.cc... Preprocessing /nfs/users01/unsw/chee/programs/octave-2_1_50/liboctave/Array-flags.d... Preprocessing /nfs/users01/unsw/chee/programs/octave-2_1_50/liboctave/Array-flags.h... Preprocessing /nfs/users01/unsw/chee/programs/octave-2_1_50/liboctave/Array-flags.list... Preprocessing /nfs/users01/unsw/chee/programs/octave-2_1_50/liboctave/Array-flags.o...
input buffer overflow, can't enlarge buffer because scanner uses REJECT

JD Cole wrote:

As far as I know, there isn't a "code doc" for Octave, but it's very well designed c++. You might try using doxygen on the src tree to produce some documentation to help you find your way.


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