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Re: Documenting Octave Source

From: Paul Thomas
Subject: Re: Documenting Octave Source
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 06:47:35 +0100
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That is an excellent idea. There are already some sites that post Doxygen documentation of Octave; eg. http://dionysos.univ-lyon2.fr/~dsarrut/src-doc/octave/html/classtree__expression.html

There are more recent, English versions of octave posted out there but for some reason the web is moving VERY slowly this morning so I couldn't verify them.

Could such documentation be posted on the octave site, John?

Paul Thomas

JD Cole wrote:

Would anyone be opposed to adding more thorough documentation to the Octave source code. I know when I go through the sources to try to implement something new, there's a lot of "discovery" going on, as with any large body of code. I often make comments for myself, but I would happily donate such comments to the project if they are correct. This would, of course, be somewhat of a piecemail process, I wouldn't expect anyone to go through each source file and comment on each function, but I'm sure the results would accumulate over time. As you have probably read, I have suggested that new Octave hackers use doxygen to get a better grip on class dependencies, etc. Adding comments in a format accepted by doxygen would definitely expedite the learning process, not to mention benefit bug fixing and implementation.

Any thoughts?


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