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UGLY_DEFS for darwin in configure.in

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: UGLY_DEFS for darwin in configure.in
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 13:33:06 -0400

On 23-Sep-2007, Thomas Treichl wrote:

| I've done a lot of tests and I spend quite a lot of time to see if the lines
|    *-*-darwin*)
|      UGLY_DEFS=`echo $DEFS | sed 
|    ;;
| in configure.in of the current Octave 2.9.14 sources are still necessary. The 
| big problem that I've got is that I actually am not able to reproduce the 
| problem. This means that I'm not able to compile Octave with MacOSX's 
| 'sed' at all, the problems are much bigger then just setting the UGLY_DEFS in 
| different way than on any other *nix platform (The reason may be that either 
| MacOSX's sed is too much POSIX or too much broken in some way, I actually 
| know).
| My wish would be that these lines could be completely be removed from the 
| ./configure.in script but only if we are sure that there is absolutely no 
| MacOSX distribution packaging process broken.

I think the only place this is really used now is the octave-bug
script.  The idea is that when someone reports a bug, we'd like to
know what macros are defined when Octave was compiled.  Currently,
running the octave-bug scripts prints something like this:



All the fancy quoting is needed to try to get these lines passed
through Make and the shell so that they appear correctly quoted in the
text of the message that the octave-bug script finally sends.

I'd be happy to have these lines replaced by the contents of config.h,
but I don't see how to do that reliably.


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