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Re: modified residues() for matlab compatibility

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: modified residues() for matlab compatibility
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 13:21:28 -0700

On Monday, October 01, 2007, at 03:37PM, "David Bateman" <address@hidden> wrote:
>Ben Abbott wrote:
>> On Monday, October 01, 2007, at 10:42AM, "David Bateman" <address@hidden> 
>> wrote:
>>> Ben Abbott wrote:
>>>> I plan to run more test, and see if I can improve the agreement
>>>> (differs in the 9th decimal place). However, I thought it a good time
>>>> to solicit feedback, and participation in testing.
>>>> If anyone has an application that puts residue.m through its paces,
>>>> I'd appreciate you taking a look.
>>>> Also if anyone is up to checking the scripts for adherence to the
>>>> common coding practices of the Octave contributers, I'd appreciate any
>>>> feedback.
>>> I haven't followed this conversation, but the code needs a copyright and
>>> you have to apply that.. Also it needs a help string though I imagine
>>> that can be taken from the existing residue.m. Could you resend it with
>>> a GPL copyright to be absolutely clear that the code is under a GPL
>>> D.
>> David, your comment confused me ... until I noticed I'd uploaded the *wrong* 
>> file :-(
>> The correct residue.m is attached. In addition, I've attached a modified 
>> version of mpoles.m which uses the sortcom.m available from Octave-Forge.
>sortcom is a function in Octave in control/util. If its used by
>residue.m it should probably be moved to somewhere more generic.
>> I've done my best to put the texinfo stuff in. Its a bit painful for me 
>> since I haven't figured out a convenient method to debug it when there's a 
>> problem.
>Easy, start octave at type "help residue". If it doesn't give and error
>the texinfo syntax is right. Also change the layout if needed
>> I did not modify the copyright from the original residue file and just 
>> copied the same to mpoles. If I should modify the copyright to indicate my 
>> name, please let me know (not sure what the protocol is respecting that).
>What percentage of the residue.m to you estimate is yours? If its a
>significant majority of the code then its probably justified to change
>the name to yours. If there is any code left from the previous version,
>then you should remove the previous authors name though.

For the most part, I just modified the texinfo part from the original. Maybe 
half of that is my contribution.

Regarding the m-code, I kept, or modified slightly, about 20-30% of the 
original code for residue. For mpoles I tried to adapt some of the coding 
habits I observed in residue, but basically wrote that one myself.


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