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Re: UGLY_DEFS for darwin in configure.in

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: UGLY_DEFS for darwin in configure.in
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 12:37:58 -0400

On  3-Oct-2007, Thomas Treichl wrote:

| This looks very good now. It automatically found my /usr/local/bin/sed as a 
| working GNU's sed and didn't use /usr/bin/sed. Then I moved 
| into /usr/local/bin/__sed and my output now is:
|    checking for times... yes
|    checking for gawk... gawk
|    checking for a usable sed...
|    checking for perl... perl
|    checking for python... python
| One last question (because I used the ./configure SED=... command before and 
| didn't work then):

What do you mean by "didn't work"?  Setting SED on the command line
seems to set the SED variable for me.  

| The first line of the OCTAVE_PROG_SED macro is
|    if test -z "$SED"; then
| just for my understanding, we keep this line because the user in general 
| know better then the test script that he has a working SED program?

Sure, if you set it to something, then I think it is fair to assume
you know what you are doing.


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