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Profiler and GUI in Octave?

From: Svante Signell
Subject: Profiler and GUI in Octave?
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 11:47:47 +0200

Dear list,

Sorry for posting without being subscribed (yet). I hope you will
approve this posting.

We are developing a major Matlab/Octave application: A testbed for
Software Defined Radio, hopefully to be released under GPLv3 or later
when we are at 1.0beta level. We are now around 1.0alpha. The signal
processing functions in  this workbench include a lot of number
crunching. Comparing the simulation speed with Matlab Octave is around
3-10 times slower than Matlab on the same box with the same OS. The
application aims for support both PC/*nix OSes and coede to run in both
Matlab and Octave with the same (as much as possible) code.

In order to speed up computation it would be handy to have a profiler
like in Matlab to find out the speed bottlenecks. I know that you can
compile Octave itself with profile support but by profiling at
file.m-function we wouldn't have to dig into the internals of Octave.

Furthermore, to fattract more users of our software tool a GUI would be
nice. I'm talking about a GUI of the application here, not the (in my
opinion useless) multi-window development in Matlab. Many people don't
like to use the command-line interface (I do, but the young generation
generally don't). Matlab has this graphics interface, but as described
above we would like to develop our workbench with same features in both

Best regards,
Svante Signell

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