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Re: where should people report bugs in packages?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: where should people report bugs in packages?
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2007 08:27:55 -0400

On  6-Oct-2007, Søren Hauberg wrote:

| But what kind of user interface did you imagine? Something like this
|    pkg maintainer imread
|    prints: Name of maintainer of the image package

That would be OK, as would some kind of "info" command that lists
this information plus a description of the package, dependencies, etc.

| On problem is that a lot of the octave-forge packages don't actually 
| have maintainers.

Could the default maintainer address be the octave-dev list then?  But
I would encourage the Octave Forge maintainers to not accept
maintenance of new packages by default, and instead ask that the
authors list themselves as maintainers.  If packages catch on then I
don't think the Octave Forge maintainers will want to be the default
maintainers of N packages.


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