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Separation of scripts in octave and octave-forge

From: Arno Onken
Subject: Separation of scripts in octave and octave-forge
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 01:48:26 +0200
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I find the separation between the scripts in octave and octave-forge a
bit inconsistent for users that come from the MATLAB world. I thought
the idea was to only have functions in octave that are both, high
quality and in some sense "core functions". But in MATLAB, all the
statistics functions are in a separate toolbox, whereas some functions
that are "core" in MATLAB are still in octave-forge. And in terms of
quality: I don't think that the rayl* distribution functions in
octave-forge (I admit, happen to be mine ;-) ) are inferior to the other
distribution functions in octave, whereas the hyge* functions in octave
are incompatible to MATLAB (I just sent a patch to bugs-octave :-) ). My
point is that I don't think that this separation is justified in terms
of quality.

Now that the package manager is in place and 3.0 is coming, wouldn't it
make sense to move all the statistics, signal, ... functions to
octave-forge? The packages would get more of the MATLAB toolbox character.


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