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print ('-depslatexstandalone', 'test.tex') now prints dashed line s?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: print ('-depslatexstandalone', 'test.tex') now prints dashed line s?
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 11:19:27 -0400

On 26-Oct-2007, Schirmacher, Rolf wrote:

| I found some strange behaviour of the print command with the gnuplot
| backend, which seems to have changed with 2.9.15:
| If I have a "standard" plot with solid coloured lines and I do the above
| mentioned
| print ('-depslatexstandalone', 'test.tex') 
| I get a plot with coloured, dashed lines.
| The reason is that the current print.m sets the "new_terminal" string to
| new_terminal = epslatex standalone mono dashed
| So, we have two issues here: Although mono is specified in the terminal
| string, coloured eps is produced (that is probably on the gnuplot side) and
| the logic for the postscript terminal settings prefers to go to "mono
| dashed" unless otherwise specified. The current logic is
|     if (any (dev == "c") || use_color > 0)
|       if (force_solid < 0)
|       options = strcat (options, "color dashed ");
|       else
|       options = strcat (options, "color solid ");
|       endif
|     else
|       if (force_solid > 0)
|       options = strcat (options, "mono solid ");
|       else
|       options = strcat (options, "mono dashed ");
|       endif
|     endif
| that is, unless the device name contains a "c" or color is explicitly asked
| for, it assumes mono which defaults to dashed unless solid is specified. As
| epslatex and other likewise terminals / devices are typically used for file
| output (and post-production) these days and the default plots of octave are
| coloured anyway, I would propose to change the behaviour here to default to
| colour solid output. Integrating a "c" in the name of the devices seems to
| be wired and the postscript produced is coloured anyway, as mentioned above.

What is the Matlab compatible behavior?  I think we should aim for
that.  But it may not be completely possible with the current gnuplot
which seems to have some inconsistencies with linestyles for various
terminal/output drivers.

It would be great to have a patch for this because I have no clue how
to make this work properly.


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