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Re: [Patch]: Re: bug with plot

From: Michael Goffioul
Subject: Re: [Patch]: Re: bug with plot
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 11:28:38 +0100

On 10/29/07, David Bateman <address@hidden> wrote:
> > This does not change the "look" of the dots. It still looks like a filled
> > circle (I checked that the "pointsize" parameter is not defined in the
> > commands sent to gnuplot).
> >
> > Michael.
> >
> >
> Huhh, a point by definition has no extent and so a point wouldn't be
> visible. To make it visible the point in Octave adds a finite extent,
> and logically the finite extent added should be the same in all
> directions making a filled circle.. Why is this wrong? As for the look,
> The gnuplot pointtype for points if pointtype=0 and not pointtype=7 as
> used by Octave.. However, the pointtype=0 is so small that it is almost
> invisible on the screen and so I think a filled circle is a better
> option that using pointtype=0..
> The "pointsize" parameter will be sent if the Octave plot command is
> called with the "markersize" option, and therefore the reason for the
> patch I sent.. I'd therefore suggest that it is better to stick to what
> we have with the patch I suggested.

I know all this...
Maybe I was not clear enough in my answer. What I meant is that your
patch does not change the size of the dot (it uses default values of 1.0,
which is the default marker size used by octave). So the patch has no
visual effect. Setting the marker size to 0.5 makes markers more similar
to dots. So you could define pointsize to 0.5 for dot markers.


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