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Small change to pkg.m?

From: Thomas Treichl
Subject: Small change to pkg.m?
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 16:49:54 +0100
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I already reported that fort77 works fine to compile Octave and all it's dependencies but I had another problem that I'd like to address here. I cannot pass all my CFLAGS through the fort77 script (because there are some Apple-specific flags that cannot be handled by the fort77 script and I don't want to create my own script). Eg.

  CFLAGS='-arch ppc <other opt flags> <-I and so on>'

where I get an error from fort77 'rch is not valid' or something like that because it misinterprets '-a' instead of '-arch'. Quoting and all these -Wc, things and so on didn't help but my workaround was to move all architecture dependent flags and all optimization flags directly to CC before calling ./configure. So my CC and CFLAGS now look like

  CFLAGS='<-I and so on>'
  CC='gcc -arch ppc <other opt flags>'

<...hours later after Octave.app is running> I'm trying to install any of the packages from OF that need to call ./configure before installation - it fails because of these lines in pkg.m (1023ff)

  [status, output] = shell (strcat ("cd ", src, "; ./configure --prefix=\"",
    desc.dir, "\"",
    " CC=", octave_config_info ("CC"),
    " CXX=", octave_config_info ("CXX"),
    " AR=", octave_config_info ("AR"),
    " RANLIB=", octave_config_info ("RANLIB")));

that do not allow spaces in CC and CXX. So I decided to change these lines in a first step into this

  [status, output] = shell (strcat ("cd ", src, "; ./configure --prefix=\"",
    desc.dir, "\"",
    " CC=\"", octave_config_info ("CC"), "\"",
    " CXX=\"", octave_config_info ("CXX"), "\"",
    " AR=\"", octave_config_info ("AR"), "\"",
    " RANLIB=\"", octave_config_info ("RANLIB"), "\""));

This already worked but then I thought about it and found out that I modify the CC flags in my local mkoctfile-2.9.15 file before building Octave.app (remove the archictecture flags and other things that are not wanted because a PPC machine does know that it is a PPC and the same for i386). My output in Octave.app then looks like

  octave-2.9.15:1> mkoctfile ("-p", "CC")
    gcc <other opt flags>
  octave-2.9.15:2> octave_config_info ("CC")
    gcc -arch ppc <other opt flags>

So a better solution I was thinking about would be

  [status, output] = shell (strcat ("cd ", src, "; ./configure --prefix=\"",
    desc.dir, "\"",
    " CC=\"", mkoctfile ("-p", "CC"), "\"",
    " CXX=\"", mkoctfile ("-p", "CXX"), "\"",
    " AR=\"", octave_config_info ("AR"), "\"",
    " RANLIB=\"", octave_config_info ("RANLIB"), "\""));

Don't know if this is wanted or if this does break any other platform and that's why I didn't sent a patch for this?


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