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print() and -S option to specify size (revisited)

From: Jonathan Stickel
Subject: print() and -S option to specify size (revisited)
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 07:33:53 -0600
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Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 22:34:13 -0400
From: "Peter A. Gustafson" <address@hidden>
Subject: print() and -S option to specify size (revisited)
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Message-ID: <address@hidden>
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It seems that a size option has been added to the print command.  The
changelog entry was:

2007-10-06  Francesco Potorti`  <address@hidden>
        * plot/print.m: Handle svg output type.  Accept new -S option to
        specify size for PNG and SVG output types.

and the discussion was here in sources:

I'm not on the sources list, so I'm sorry for the late entry here.
There had been prior discussion about -S for size, which had been turned
away due to compatibility issues.

Can we now assume that -S is acceptable?  And have we settled on
"-S640,480" vs "-S640x480".  Or perhaps this is matlab compatible for
the specific terminal?

If acceptable, this should be expanded for other terminals (latex,
pslatex, etc).  If not, should it be curtailed until a compatible method
is established?

I think this is a fairly important issue, as plotting is a critical
feature and desirable hardcopy rather essential.  I don't have a strong
opinion as to whether compatibility is important, however a clear
direction on the matter is important.  I assume we want to avoid
establishing a backwards compatibility issue for when the final
direction is established.


Thanks in advance,

As mentioned in the thread about sizing for -deps, the "compatible" way to size is with the PaperSize figure property through the get and set commands:



I imagine that implementing code to set paper size this way would take some effort. Can the -S option for print be checked in anyway, at least until the PaperSize property is implemented?


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