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Re: Proposed patch for external debugger access

From: John Swensen
Subject: Re: Proposed patch for external debugger access
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 11:41:13 -0400
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John W. Eaton wrote:
On 30-Oct-2007, John Swensen wrote:

| John W. Eaton wrote:
| > On 29-Oct-2007, John Swensen wrote:
| >
| > | I fixed up these suggestions also.  The patches are attached.
| >
| > | Index: debug.cc
| > | ===================================================================
| > | RCS file: /cvs/octave/src/debug.cc,v
| > | retrieving revision 1.26
| > | diff -r1.26 debug.cc
| > | 22d21
| > | < | > | 29a29,30
| > | > #include <set>
| > | > | >
| > Thanks, can you please send a context diff?
| >
| > jwe
| >
| > | Sorry, I forgot the -uN option to cvs diff this last time. Attached are | the context sensitive patches.

I applied the patch with a few additional changes.  The most
significant was to change the structure of the singleton class to
match the way other singleton classes in Octave work.  I don't think I
broke anything, but I didn't do extensive testing.  Can you please
update and make sure everything still works as you expect?



Thanks. It is kindof nice to have finally made a more-than-trivial contribution to octave. I also learned a lot about how you expect things to be done, coding styles, etc. So hopefully my next contribution won't require so many iterations. I will test the cvs version and get back to you. Is the test directory reserved for certain types of tests, or should I write a test_debug.m file? My next step is to allow a breakpoint structure to be passed into dbstop().

John Swensen

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