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Re: GSoC project: new graphics backend

From: Igor V. Burago
Subject: Re: GSoC project: new graphics backend
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 16:41:54 +1000

Hello Arseniy!

I interested on that point for a very long time too, but unfortunately I
was too busy to complete my ideas in code before. I'm sure that languages
such as Octave must have a good environment including powerful
plotting engine wrapped into an interface providing a way to modify
figure's parameters easily. So I'd like to develop such a software for
Octave or for science library written for Ruby language (which is much
more powerful than Octave, runs faster, has large number of
libraries and could be a good solution for science computation, if it
has rich package of numerical functions ported from some languages
such as Matlab or Octave).

I think idea of writing an environment for Octave (or other rich
toolkit for science computations) with new flexible plotting engine is
good one to be submitted to Summer of Code!

Igor V. Burago

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