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printing figures with development version

From: Ivan Sutoris
Subject: printing figures with development version
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 18:08:07 +0100


when printing figures to eps files with development version of Octave,
results differ from 3.0.3 - it seems as if the whole paper page was
exported, not just the figure itself, so that there are wider margins
around the figure. This is not so visible with default settings where
the figure fills most of the page, but if I try to decrease it's size
with figure's paperposition property, I get small figure somewhere on
the page and lots of empty space around it. I'm attaching output from
both versions for this simple figure:

print strcat('figtest',version,'.eps') -depsc

Is this difference expected or is it a bug (or is something messed up
on my end)?

Ivan Sutoris

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Attachment: figtest3.0.3.eps
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