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rendering of specified fontsize when fontname="*"

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: rendering of specified fontsize when fontname="*"
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 14:06:37 -0400

When the fontname = "*", the current gnuplot backend ignores the fontsize. Thus when fontname="*", the fontsize is also anonymous.

Using the attached "changeset-defaultfont.patch" the gnuplot backend is able (for most terminals) to determine the gnuplot's default font name and substitute it for "*". This allow the fontsize to be included in the rendering process.

Unfortunately, gnuplot does not provide information for the default fontname for the x11 or wxt terminals.

The second changeset, "changeset-anon_font_w_size.patch", permits the x11 and wxt terminals to render the proper fontsize when the fontname="*". This is because fontname="*" does not produce an error for the x11 or wxt terminals. Thus, a gnuplot fontspec of "*,14" will render text using the default x11 font as 14pt.

I've attached two changesets because the 1st may be applied without the 2nd.

I've been testing these changes for a few days now. I hope all bugs have been found.

If there are no objections, I plan to push these changes.

John, I think these should be considered for inclusion in the 3.2 release.


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