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Re: Call for translations

From: Thorsten Liebig
Subject: Re: Call for translations
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2013 10:05:16 +0100
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Am 25.10.2013 01:11, schrieb Rik:
> The 3.8 release is on schedule and will feature a GUI for the first time ever!
> We need your help, though, in bringing Octave to the globe.  The strings in
> the GUI need to be translated to local languages.  As of today (Nov. 24,
> 2013) we have translations for the following languages and locales:
> be_BY
> de_DE
> en_US
> es_ES
> fr_FR
> nl_NL
> pt_BR
> ru_RU
> uk_UA
> If you would like to bring Octave to your language and home then check out
> Octave sources from Mercurial and navigate to the libgui/languages
> directory.  The file en_US.ts can be copied to a new name to form the basis
> of the new translation file.
> Thanks,
> your friendly Octave volunteers
Is there a time limit?
I think a first release candidate is to be expected soon?

I have asked my Chinese-speaking colleagues to create a zh_CN translation.
They are working on it... but it may take a few more days.
And I'm going to build them a mxe (windows) version including their translation 
for review first as well...



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