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Re: MXE files list generation

From: John Donoghue
Subject: Re: MXE files list generation
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 19:38:17 -0500
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On 11/07/2013 03:28 AM, address@hidden wrote:
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Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 23:46:09 -0500
From: Michael Goffioul<address@hidden>
To: "John W. Eaton"<address@hidden>,    Octave Maintainers List
Subject: MXE files list generation
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I'd like to add a system to MXE that generates a files list for the
compiled packages. Eventually, I intend to use that information to build a
smarter installer and/or separate installers. The footprint on the current
compilation process should be minimal.

I've attached a prototype. The patch generate-file-list implements the
functionality in the core Makefile: it passes additional arguments to
$(PKG)_BUILD macro to be used as prefix and DESTDIR, then it generates a
files list and copy over the installed files into the real installation

I've also provided an example of changes required on the cURL module.

Do you agree with the concept?



I see few things that have broken in mxe build where files from the host build were copied to the build folders (config scripts etc) I have changed a few of these back to install to the BUILD_TOOLS_PREFIX (not the temp build dir)

My question on these and all the build_xxx tools - do these need be treated in the new way for the install, or since they are not part of what will be distributed, should/need be out of the install ?

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