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MXE-Octave building (11/11/13)

From: Rik
Subject: MXE-Octave building (11/11/13)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 19:46:20 -0800


I've never tried it, but it seems increasingly necessary to try and get a
MinGW copy of Octave myself so that I can debug things.  I tried using the
instructions at http://wiki.octave.org/Windows_Installer.  The instructions
call for using './mk-dist --installer' which fails for me near the bottom
of the script.  Is this supposed to work or is only zip-file creation

The proximate cause of the failure is this stanza near the bottom of the
mk-dist script.

if [ $installer = "yes" ]; then
  $SHELL ../makeinst-script.sh $OCTAVE_TARGET-$DATE

$SHELL, in my case, is /bin/tcsh which fails to parse makeinst-script.sh
which is a Bourne shell script.  But even when I replace $SHELL with
/bin/sh it still fails further along.


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