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Re: 4.0 vs 3.8 again

From: Thorsten Liebig
Subject: Re: 4.0 vs 3.8 again
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 16:26:29 +0100
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Am 19.11.2013 16:16, schrieb Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso:
> I know we've had this discussion before, but I want to revisit it
> again. I know this is bikeshedding[1], so this will be my final word
> on the matter, I promise. Or at least publicly, if anyone wants to
> keep arguing this with me, we can do so while only the NSA watches.
> I really think the next Octave release should be called "Octave 4".
> Not "3.8".
> I will restate my case, with a few extra bits of data that we now
> have:
>    1) Gauging by the demand for it as well as the development buzz
>       that it has spurred, the GUI alone is gonna be *huge*. It's such
>       a big feature that a change in the major revision is warranted,
>       even if our other big features like JIT compiling or OpenGL are
>       still betaish.
>    2) It's good marketing. "Octave 4" is a simple, single number to
>       remember. It's easy to convey to people which Octave version has
>       the GUI, and which Octave version started to make a point of
>       also making timely Windows and Mac OS X binary releases.
>    3) The ".0" part of "4.0" gives an indication that we are trying
>       something big and new here. Then 4.2 and beyond will start
>       adding more polish, perhaps JIT or classdef, but for now the
>       ".0" will express to our users that this is a major change. I
>       hope that this will earn us some leeway and indulgence from our
>       users if not everything is great, as long as the GUI is great.
>    4) I would like to have a website redesign to go along with the new
>       release, and a big "4" would look very nice in this redesign.
> I won't be terribly disappointed if we do decide to go with "3.8", but
> "Octave 4" just sounds so nice.
> - Jordi G. H.
> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bikeshedding

I completely agree and never understood why this should be just another 3.x in 
the first place...

What should happen for a 4.0 if not the changes made NOW..


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