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Re: Default GUI or CLI for 3.8

From: Daniel J Sebald
Subject: Re: Default GUI or CLI for 3.8
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 03:22:49 -0600
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On 11/23/2013 02:51 AM, Torsten wrote:
On 23.11.2013 06:10, Daniel J Sebald wrote:

I'll also propose a couple things here:

1) We request that users not report any GUI-only related bugs to the
conventional bug-tracking system.  Only give feedback on the
look-and-feel and general behavior of the GUI.

I don't get you here. Shouldn't users report any GUI-related bugs at all
or only on a special web site?
I am more skeptical concerning the feedback on the look-and-feel. We
will definitely get important and good suggestions how to make the gui
more user friendly but I am also expecting contradictory requests
depending on the users habits (okay, for us the hint to make more
features configurable).

2) Could we set up a temporary feedback page (with codeword/image entry
to prevent spam) as part of the Octave webpage to direct users to?

That way, we could get lots of easy-to-read feedback and keep the
Savanah and Maintainers list free of redundant traffic.  It would be the
normal developers working on GUI bugs as usual until the 4.0 release at
which point GUI bugs fall under the same category as all bugs.

So, the message upon launching the GUI might be something to the effect:

"This is an Octave GUI beta release with official release slated for 4.0
sometime in the months to come.  Your feedback on the look-and-feel and
general behavior of the GUI is welcome.  Please make comments at
(comment page address, or blog page address that has comment support).
We ask that you not file any bug reports related solely to the GUI at
the conventional tracker website as developers are actively working on
any GUI bugs for the 4.0 release and may have already addressed an issue
you have found.  However, bug reports regarding the CLI version of the
program are encouraged and may be done at the conventional tracking site."

I don't think we should prevent users from reporting GUI-related bugs.
Don't you expect that users will find new bugs?


Percentage-wise, I'm guessing not many. A couple percent, if that, of bug reports will be something new and the rest will probably be duplicates of what developers are already finding--assuming developers are actively working toward a robust GUI release a half year away. My worry is there will be a large group of new users wanting to report bugs without checking that the bug has already been reported. If we feel the code is robust and pretty much bug free, then yes all bug reports are good. If we feel the code has higher than desirable bugs, then we'll get a lot of reports because most people will be using the GUI (contrary to a bug, say, in some less-used script file). Maybe I'm wrong.


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