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Re: Warning about experimental GUI

From: Daniel J Sebald
Subject: Re: Warning about experimental GUI
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 20:14:39 -0600
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On 11/28/2013 03:02 PM, Thorsten Liebig wrote:
Am 28.11.2013 21:36, schrieb Torsten:
On 28.11.2013 14:58, John W. Eaton wrote:
On 11/28/2013 08:46 AM, Richard Crozier wrote:

Well, maybe some slight hyperbole, but on a small laptop screen it's a
'noticeable' reduction I think. Your solution sounds good to me.
I forgot to mention that it would be OK with me if we also made hiding
the warning bar sticky so that the setting is remembered.  I just
haven't done that yet, but I will try to do it unless someone else does
it first.


Instead of hiding forever, I would like to revisit Dan's suggestion,
that the warning reappears after a while. But instead of taking a time
interval the attached patch automatically hides the warning for a
certain number of restarts (here 20) before showing it again. Of course
we can chose another limit for the counter.

I don't like this idea.
Why should we annoy the GUI users with some message reappear at random??


Seemingly at random, that is. Nonetheless, I prefer the time-stamp approach because what it means is that if the user hasn't used the experimental GUI for a while he or she gets a reminder it is experimental.


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