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[Osip-dev] Re: test CtAkLLlS

From: Adolph Shrock
Subject: [Osip-dev] Re: test CtAkLLlS
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 19:07:06 -0700

L E V / T R A
P R O Z ^ C
M E R / D / A
S O M ^
X ^ N A X
A M B / E N
C / A L / S
V / A G R A
V A L / U M
himself, and still he did not answer; he whispered and spluttered.
After some while Bilbo became impatient. Well, what is it? he said.
The answers not a kettle boiling over, as you seem to think from the
noise you are making.
Give us a chance; let it give us a chance, my preciouss-ss-ss.
Well, said Bilbo, after giving him a long chance, what about your guess?

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