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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 06:15:44 -1200

Dear Sir,
With deep appreciation of your esteem contact I got from your business website, I wish to introduce myself to you, I am Mr. Muhrad Ali   from Lebanon, but I am living now in Thailand (conditionally) actually I will like to invest in your company. I will like to know the procedures of a non-citizen investing in your company\country, actually after reading through your web-site; I decided to contact you because I cannot invest in your company or country without an assistant from someone from your country.

I will like you to advice me on a business there that I can invest and the procedures before the investment, why I inquired is because, in investments, you have to look for a good company and country that the safety environmental condition of the foreign investor is guaranteed,
A company\ country that is trustworthy with good government, good management and better economy to invest so that you can be sure of reaping the good dividends of investment. Thanks very much for taking time to go through my e-mail and I am also looking forward to read your reply soon so that I can detail you on more reasons why I have contacted you to seek for your kind and honest assistance. I will wait for your quick reply then I will furnish you with more details about our transaction and discussion. Reply to address@hidden

Mr. Muhrad Ali

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