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Re: [Pan-users] Bug in CVS Still?

From: John J . LeMay Jr .
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Bug in CVS Still?
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 12:54:50 -0400

** Reply to message from Charles Kerr <address@hidden> on Thu, 9 May
2002 09:08:59 -0700

> IIRC Mandrake has cooker rpms for glib2/atk/pango/gnome2...

Well, I cheated and used Toby's "howto" for sources and order of installation.
Worked like a champ and 0.11.92 compiled and is running. Looks really nice - a
lot better than I recall 0.11.91 looking at first. However, I am actually using
Exceed to get Pan on my Windows machine right now so Exceed's fonts and
rendering may be responsible for at least some of that difference.

John LeMay Jr.
Senior Consultant

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