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Re: [Pan-users] Posting Binaries

From: Gollum
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Posting Binaries
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 00:10:16 +0100

Charles Kerr wrote:
> [...]
> If the pan-users list wants to collectively work out how such a GUI
> should work, then attachment work will move forward more quickly.
> The questions are, how to do these things:
>    * casual posting (the current dialog could do this)
>    * multipart posting (the current dialog could do this)
>    * sets of single or multiparts
>    * reposts of single or multiple articles
>    * Is sfv support necessary?  Should it be integrated into Pan?
>    * Is par support necessary?  Should it be integrated into Pan?

I basically agree with Duncan's comments on this.  Casual posting of
single-part binaries is the most advanced posting I've needed so far,
but multipart capability could also be handy for large attachments.

If I remember correctly, the UI for attachments that was present in
0.13.0 was quite OK, except for fooling users to believe that Pan
actually could post binaries.  It's removed in 0.13.2, at least in the
RPM that I use, which is the sensible thing to do until posting
attachments actually works.

_If_ an option to post sets is added, the user should be able to mark a
selection of files and to use parameters in the subject, e.g.:
  %f for filename
  %n for the sequence number in the set
  %t for the total number of files in the set.
The selection may be done either by dragging the filenames to a list, or
by combinations of left-click (first file), shift+left-click (add range)
and ctrl+left-click (add single file).

RAR/PAR _decoding_ would be nice, but I think this should wait until Pan
1.0 has been released.  If this is implemented, it could make sense to
present a set of RAR/PAR articles as a multipart.  (A "nested multipart"
if each RAR file is split into regular multiparts.)

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