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Re: [Pan-users] Click on URL in a post??

From: Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Click on URL in a post??
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 15:15:01 -0600
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>       Aha! and also Oho! I've been supposing that GTK2 was some
> proper subset, or fork, of Gnome. What is it, then? Does it replace
> Gnome? -- Just when I've got my desktops about configured ....
> <sigh>

GTK is the 'toolkit' or 'widget set' that Gnome is built with.
Gnome is the environment, GTK is the building-blocks

>       Haven't tasted Mandrake, dunno urpmi from adam. But I did
> decide early on that I couldn't affort *not* to subscribe to RHN
> (the RedHat Network, which provides early notice, gives priority
> access, and handles downloads/updates). That's one reason I get so
> frustrated with upgrading Pan -- seems like the prerequisites
> oughtta be there ...

AFAIK, updates to redhat boxes are primarily to provide security fixes; not
necessarily new versions. (tho sometimes those come along as part of the
deal). the object is to avoid breaking old apps; so it doesn't install
radically new versions of packages.
(at least that's what I'm guessing. I actually have little/no experience
with RHN).

IMHO, if you want bleeding-edge support; debian unstable is the way to go. 
mandrake's URPMI tool and 'cooker' packages seem to be liked by many on this
list, but I also seem to hear a lot of questions about compatibility and
the debian packages seem to be comparatively quite reliable, and are updated
within a few days of each release. install of the latest version is as
simple as 'apt-get install pan'.

>       My experience so far is that once RedHat get around to
> sending me an rpm, I'm good to go. But things like source code,
> tarballs, make, compile, et hoc genus omne are still over my head
> so far they're outta sight. (*All* of computer science has come
> into existence since my time, and youss guyss have a certain head
> start on me ...)
>       Do you think the likes of me could even *get* GTK2? To any
> purpose, that is? Got a favored source for it?

install RH8.0, and you'll have it. simplest way.
just keep in mind that RH *.0 releases are considered to be a bit buggy.
stick with a *.2 or *.3 release for stability.

this is another reason I like Debian. there's no big upgrade steps; it's
just a smooth curve (if you follow testing or unstable). bugs may appear,
but they get hammered out pretty fast.

> it has just informed me I'm out of date, but only
> offers rpms for RH 7.3. and I'm 7.2 :-(

upgrading from RH7.2 to 7.3 is pretty straightforward, and shouldn't really
break anything.

>       I like to hope sometimes comments from the likes of me may
> be some use to people who can no longer guess what to take for
> common knowledge among ordinary users ....

true enough. I have lots of problems myself, trying to explain things,
because a lot of technique I can only recall as "do the obvious thing at the
obvious time". 
Linux is a bit better for things like that, since you speak in sentences to
your computer (the command line), rather than use a point-and-grunt
interface (Windows). it's easier to remember sentences (and write them
down), than gestures. (at least for me).

Carl Soderstrom.
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises

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