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Re: [Pan-users] Hello There (OT)

From: Anna
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Hello There (OT)
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 00:19:53 +0100

> > OT,but thank you . I was allready thinking SuSe or Debian.
> > No PhD here so...............
> I've been thinking about trying Debian or Gentoo.  (I'm using Mdk 9.1
> Cooker, updating twice a week or so, now, and don't have any complaints, as
> I've figured out most of the stuff that originally bothered me.)  Suse gets
> decent reviews, but keeps at least some of the stuff they develop
> proprietary.  If I wanted proprietary, I'd have not bothered switching from
> MS 15 months or so ago.  Debian is supposed to be one of the easiest to
> maintain, altho it's also supposed to be a bit more difficult than some to
> originally install. Both the EZ maintenance and the fact that Debian is
> considered the choice of Linux developers have me heavily considering it. 
> Gentoo's bonus is that it's all compiled from source for the individual
> platform it's deployed on, and the fact that installing a standard tar.bz2
> won't mess up it's packaging system database, from what I read, like it
> does RPM based distribs.  (I am not sure how well Debian handles that
> scenario.)

In march 2000 I got a computer for the first time. I also used one for the 
first time. (part of an estate) I had MS for three months and found out about 
open source on the WWW and installed my first linux (redhat 5)
Never went back to MS and made it stand alone. The funny thing is I am 46
and I really don't know much about the whole thing. But I would never go back 
to MS (it is a matter of principle I quess) So for me the best route is the
"easy to use linux distro's"  In terms of "open source" I think SuSe isn't 
the best. But I couldn't handle a kernel if it spit me in the face :-)
I am thinking we are going way OT here

Greetings from Anna

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