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[Pan-users] "Automatic" unsubscription (bug?)

From: Michael Vondung
Subject: [Pan-users] "Automatic" unsubscription (bug?)
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 00:06:29 +0200

I've been using Pan for about ten days now (Windows version, currently
0.14). When I started the newsreader this morning, I noticed that one of the
five subscribed groups was missing. Checked the list, and indeed, it had
vanished from the subscription list but was still in "all groups" (yes, I am
sure I didn't delete it by accident :). I re-added it, and of roughly 9000
cashed articles only a few hundred were left/shown. The "missing" articles
are still in \.pan\messages\, but they aren't indexed (tried various search
options, but no go). The cache size is large enough.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm also at a loss how to gain access to these articles again or, if this
isn't possible, how to delete it. The directory contains 13,000 files, and I
guess I'll have to delete all of them since there is no easy way to tell
just wish belong to this particular group. :/

On a related note, the one-file-per-article storage system seems a bit
unfortunate. It's of little matter if you don't want to keep articles for
very long, but there are groups that I have archived since 1999 (in Agent)
and the idea of hundred of thousand individual files sitting on my hard disk
isn't all that appealing. :)


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