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Re: [Pan-users] Changes in PAN article navigation.

From: Bobby D. Bryant
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Changes in PAN article navigation.
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 03:58:14 -0600

On 2003.08.05 03:38, Duncan wrote:

I do believe that PAN should at least clear the body pane when switching groups, however

I don't even agree with that much. What has the group selection got to do with what article you're looking at? Why wouldn't I want to start loading the next group while I'm reading the last article in the current one?

These are orthogonal issues which should not, IMO, be tied together in the implementation of the reader.

[Warning: Feature Request Alert!]

It would really be nice if the header pane and article pane were tabbed, so that you could have multiple groups open at once and multiple articles open at once. (If you imagine a reader that worked that way it should make the disconnect between the selection in one panel and the display in the other seem obvious.)

Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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