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[Pan-users] Feature request: automatic editor launch

From: Benjamin Esham
Subject: [Pan-users] Feature request: automatic editor launch
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 00:05:26 -0400

I have noticed that since I changed pan's external editor to vim and
rigged up some useful formatting tricks, the first thing I do when posting
an article is to click the External Editor button.  Might it be possible
to have an option that will automatically launch the external editor upon
the opening of a new article edit window?

(Another related feature that I probably wouldn't use, but someone else
might, is an option to automatically "Send Now" or "Send Later"
upon the external editor's exiting.)

Thanks to everyone involved in development -- pan is the best newsreader
on any platform :-)

Benjamin D. Esham      {
address@hidden      }      AIM: bdesham 1 2 8

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