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Re: [Pan-users] Win Pan + Win Gaim, anyone?

From: Mark H. Degner
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Win Pan + Win Gaim, anyone?
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 10:18:48 -0700

The best way I found to get these two apps to play nicely is to do some
registry mucking.

There's a String Value called 'Path' under the key
Paths\gaim.exe  This value tells GAIM where to look for related files,
such as DLLs.

Since the GAIM developers chose to put all the DLLs under GTK\2.0\bin,
you need to add another path to that value that points to GTK\2.0\lib.

After that, GAIM finds the DLLs, and all is well.


Mark Degner

couldn't find the gtk that Pan came with.  So, we installed Gaim's gtk
version, but now Pan doesn't start (complains of missing dll's).  Anyone
know how to fix this (linking?) issue?


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