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[Pan-users] Corrupt header ?

From: Pascal H.
Subject: [Pan-users] Corrupt header ?
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 20:51:10 +0100
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First i apologize for my bad english.

I'm using Pan 0.14.2 on a "linux from scratch" system. I compiled and installed Pan from source tarball. I have error messages on several newsgroups. On the mailing list archive i found a message with same problem as mine :

I tried last beta version ( but the problem is still here.

I tried to use an other news server by an other FAI but the problem didn't disappear. Renaming ~/.pan directory didn't solve it.

For example this problem exist with the newsgroup

I tried to trace the problem, and i deleted first all articles in cache, then i dowloaded the 50 most recent articles, saved the cache file, select then an other group and finaly re-select the first group and then i have this errors messages :

(Null) - file article.c: line 1095 (article_is_valid): assertion `a->references.len==0 || *a->references.str =='<'' failed

(Null) - file article.c: line 1092 (article_is_valid): assertion `*a->message_id.str =='<'' failed

****note : this second error message was repetead 33 times

(Null) - file article.c: line 1089 (article_is_valid): assertion `pstring_is_set (&a->subject)' failed

****note : this third error message was repetead 3 times

I saved the updated cache file after these errors.

The tested newsgroup is fr.comp.os.linux.configuration
The cache files (before and after the errors) are online here:


I didn't see anything wrong in the headers from the cache file "before" but i'm not familiar with news headers.

Pan is compiled with gcc 3.2.1, but i tried to compile it with gcc-2.95.3 and there are no changes to this problem.

Can someone help me to solve this problem, or is it a bug ?

Pascal Hubrecht

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