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[Pan-users] Re: directory perms when saving files to directories

From: Duncan
Subject: [Pan-users] Re: directory perms when saving files to directories
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 16:22:23 -0700
User-agent: Pan/ (As She Crawled Across the Table)

jef posted <address@hidden>, excerpted below,  on Fri, 19
Mar 2004 23:36:17 -0500:

> This was something I noticed a few months back, but forgot about until I 
> ran across it again today.
> When saving files with pan, if I allow it to create directories, it will 
> create them with 700 perms. Not a huge hassle, but it causes issues with 
>   the locate database if I don't correct it right away.
> Can this be toggled somewhere? I don't see it in the prefs, but I'll 
> mod. source code if need be and recompile (I'm just not quite sure where 
> to look for this setting).

They are created with 640 permissions here, which is exactly what I'd
expect, given a umask settings of 0027.  I don't know why you are getting
the executable bit, which looks a bit strange, but if you haven't, check
your umask and see if setting that helps.  (I'd of course suggest setting
it in a script that then starts pan, and calling that script rather than
pan directly, if you want something different for pan than you want for a
general umask.)  Of course, that's with BASH as your shell.   I believe
that's a built-in, so if you have a different shell, use its similar
default permissions functionality.

Either that or maybe it's the file system you are using..  If you the
files are on a FAT type fs, in particular, since it doesn't save
permission bits, you end up with the default permission bits as set when
the fs was mounted.

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