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Re(2): [Pan-users] Wrapping Long URLs in Messages

From: Emily Jackson
Subject: Re(2): [Pan-users] Wrapping Long URLs in Messages
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 04:21:24 -0500

At 3:17 PM -0500 on Sunday, April 4, 2004, Torstein Sunde
<address@hidden> wrote:

>Emily Jackson wrote:
>> Shouldn't there be a way to get Pan to wrap long URLs in messages
>> (such as in this message I posted yesterday:
>> <
>> 8&output=gplain>)? I was afraid that putting a line break in the URL
>> would make it appear as non-clickable in some newsreaders.  [...]
>The wrapped link you just posted is not clickable in Pan, nor in my
>email client, and that probably applies to most other newsreaders and
>email clients as well.

It is clickable in Thoth (my other newsreader), and it is clickable in my
e-mail client {PowerMail) if the URL text is selected first.

>A feature request about being able to click wrapped URLs would be more
>useful, as usenet is polluted with lots of them.

Well, I didn't think it would hurt to ask. :-\

>BTW, there's already a feature request in Bugzilla about skipping
>the >80 characters/line warning for long URLs:

That was one of my concerns; my other concern was that the long URL
sticks out like a sore thumb, so to speak, when the message is viewed.


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