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Re: [Pan-users] To make PAN behave exactly like Agent

From: Richard Smith
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] To make PAN behave exactly like Agent
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 09:27:56 -0500
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Ilyak Kasnacheev wrote:

Hi everyone.
I'm looking at pan and i really like it for being similar to Forte Agent.
But i would like to make it even more agent-like, to be able to use it :)

Please tell me, how hard will this be and if these changes can make way into official tree.

I would like to:
** return keybinding 'make article unread' == 'Z'.
I do not know why did developers dropped this keybinding - it is vital if you want to return to this article later, for example.

I don't recall this ever being available in PAN, however, it's available under the Post menu. I can see how having it bound to a key would be useful.

** article should become 'read' only if you clicked its text, or got into it with, say, 'next unread'. It should not become 'read' if i just clicked on this article in article list.

go in to Edit -> Preferences, then put a checkmark on "single-click selects, rather than loads, headers"

** articles should be saved. not 'cached', i want every article that i get to stay in message base forever. How hard will it be? I beleive there is already message base format for folders, but i want same for newsgroups.

I don't know if there is a way to have articles saved when they are loaded, but you can save articles by having them selected and then doing a ctrl-s and check "Save Text."

** implement fidonet-like quoting, where:
IK>> second level quote
SO> first level quote
where letters are author's initials.
(is someone interested? This is a *great* thing...)
** maybe something else, rest is OK.

**() X-Comment-To field support (in fidonet groups, each message have to:, that contains name (not address) of person(s), to whom this message was written)

I can't comment on these as I've never felt it necessary to have them.

So any hints, interest or skepsis are welcome.

Sorry for my bad english.

No problem, everything was very clear and understandable, hope you like pan as much as the rest of us.


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