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[Pan-users] Trouble reading in pan.

From: chris
Subject: [Pan-users] Trouble reading in pan.
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 21:15:01 +0930

Hi. My news feed usually comes from But for some
reason, pan has suddenly started reading pretty much all the articles on
all the newsgroups I download from that feed as expired.

For instance ... I'll try and download the last 10, 000 articles on one
of my favourite newsgroups, aus.politics. Suddenly, all the articles I
had there previously disappear, bar about 4. The log viewer tells me
that pretty much every article on the group is expired. I also get this
error a lot ...... 

(Null) - article_is_valid: assertion `*a->message_id.str =='<'' failed

I've tried viewing aus.politics via another free news feed, , and I get no problems.

I've also tried reading using Knode, and again, no

Obviously the combination of pan + is not working
for some reason. Anyone have any idea what the problem is?

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