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[Pan-users] Well, not so good

From: signmeuptoo
Subject: [Pan-users] Well, not so good
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 17:28:14 -0400

Well, no sooner than I reboot and start pan again on a different day,
than it doesn't work again, it exhibits the same problems.

I had trouble in the past getting BNR2 and Klibido to work, but both
have been working fine now for several days.  Also, something has
knode handling yEnc files now.  I remember quite a while back
downloading a app that you would process yEnc files individually but I
am wondering if the documentation failed to indicate that it would
automatically support the news reader too.  If that is the case, I
wonder if one of these programs is borking pan?

I saw, though I don't remember the path, where the newsreaders share
some things, I wonder if that is where my problem is?

In any event, I have Klibido, BNR2, and Knode.  I just was hoping to
be able to use pan because I liked what I saw, like the filtering.  Oh
well, maybe it is a bug that I am experiencing (BTW, I am running SuSE
9.3 DVD Evaluation).

Go figure.

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