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RE: [Pan-users] More info on the impending version of Pan

From: Travis
Subject: RE: [Pan-users] More info on the impending version of Pan
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 12:58:51 -0800

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Subject: [Pan-users] More info on the impending version of Pan

> I'm glad there are people interested in new versions of Pan!
> I should have the code ready for cvs in a couple of days.
> The new version works on gtk 2.4, but I *strongly* recommend
> gtk 2.8 or newer because they are so much faster,
> particularly in the header pane.
> The rewrite is to address the old version's design problems
> that had over time grown to make Pan less fun to hack.  So
> the backend is even more different than the front, and
> there's not a lot of compatability to be found in the .pan directory:
>   * It now uses standard newsrc files to know what groups a
> server has.
>   * It now uses standard newsgroups.dsc for group descriptions
>   * It now uses standard nzb files for making a resumable task list.
>   * There's now one file per group, not one per group per server.
>   * Many preferences settings have gone away.
>     (i.e., use Gnome or Windows registry to know what web
> browser to use)
>   * The data files are human-readable and -editable.
>     (It's never been easier to raise your connection limit
> past four! ;)
> However, none of these changes are gratuitious: they've all
> been either to make the files more human-readable, to make
> them load or save faster,
>   or to make them more compatable with other readers and nzb tools.
> Hopefully there will be enough advantages to the new version
> to offset the churn of such a big change.
> Also, here's the screenshot. :)
> cheers,
> Charles

The new version of Pan sounds great.  What do I have to do to get it to run
on my XP Home machine?



Travis in Shoreline Washington

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