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[Pan-users] Windows Woes? (Was: ANN: Pan 0.95 "I feel clean now....")

From: Charles Kerr
Subject: [Pan-users] Windows Woes? (Was: ANN: Pan 0.95 "I feel clean now....")
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 14:58:22 -0500 (CDT)
User-agent: SquirrelMail/1.4.6 [CVS]

> <address@hidden> (Chris's post in pan-devel)
> crashes Pan for me. Windows says it has something to do with
> libglib-2.0-0.dll.

Hm. I'm afraid I won't be near a Windows box with free time for a bit.
Could you run Pan inside of insight[1] and get a backtrace?

> There are still problems with posts with undeclared
> charset. Pan eats characters outside us-ascii.

Example group + message-ids are welcomed.

> Please, please, PLEASE make Pan remember all preferences,
> including font settings, pane dimensions and header sorting order.

It doesn't remember the sorting order right now, but it should at least
be remembering the font settings.  Does your preferences.xml have
font entries?

Does it only break for you on Windows, or on Linux too?



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