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Re: [Pan-users] Re: selecting groups in pan 0.1xx

From: Peter B. Steiger
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Re: selecting groups in pan 0.1xx
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 16:36:24 -0600

On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 22:23 +0000, walt wrote:
> I can't either.  But I'm curious why you would want to select more
> than one group. 

To handle several - but not all - groups together: mark as read,
unsubscribe, download new headers...

Admittedly, all those things can be done one group at a time and I can
live quite happily with that level of functionality; indeed, I would
rather do each of those one group at a time than add "excessive" (insert
your definition here) resource consumption to accomodate the ability to
act on multple selected groups.  But if it's just a matter of taking the
existing functionality and wrapping it into a do-while loop of an array
of group names, I can see occasions where that might be useful.  On an
importance level of 1 (least important) to 10, I'd give it a 2 or maybe
3.  But then, I'm not the one who asked for such a feature... I'm just
thinking out loud, or failing to do so.

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY

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