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[Pan-users] 2 items - preferences.xml not saved, and resumed tasks

From: jef_e
Subject: [Pan-users] 2 items - preferences.xml not saved, and resumed tasks
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 21:17:34 -0400
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Running the new .108. Preferences.xml isn't being updated when clicking
"OK". If there is an unclean exit made from the program, you lose the
recent changes being made. Clean shutdown does the right thing.

This bug sort of mentions a similar problem, but Charles makes
references to the newsrc, not the preferences.xml.

The 'crash' was actually caused by me, doing a "Kill" on the title bar.
(I was looking at an issue with .107 at the time I did it, and this
prefs issue was present there, too. I am waiting to see if that other
problem returns before filing a bug report, as it may not have been
Pan's fault.)

Should I extend the description of that bug, or file a new one?

Secondly, after the above said crash, Pan just started going to town
finishing up the downloads in the queue. Did we lose the dialog to ask
if it should? Sometimes I'd prefer not too, especially if I'm not sure
what caused the crash.


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