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[Pan-users] Re: pan window is too wide

From: Jim Henderson
Subject: [Pan-users] Re: pan window is too wide
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 18:09:54 -0600
User-agent: Pan/0.14.2 (This is not a psychotic episode. It's a cleansing moment of clarity.)

On Fri, 08 Sep 2006 18:44:01 +0000, Duncan wrote:

> It's also possible that the OP is running in a very low resolution mode,
> say 800x600 or the like.  Pan works best with at least 1024x768
> resolution, as many of its dialogs, plus button layout and the like on the
> main window, assume that.

Ah, good point - hadn't thought about that.  For the main window, of
course, the tabbed view (rather than the 3-pane view) might be better to
work with.


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