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[Pan-users] Re: Get that edit window out of my way!

From: Duncan
Subject: [Pan-users] Re: Get that edit window out of my way!
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 16:51:41 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: pan 0.116 (Blanton's)

"Peter B. Steiger" <address@hidden>
posted address@hidden,
excerpted below, on  Thu, 12 Oct 2006 10:37:12 -0600:

> Recently I noticed that when I'm posting an article - new or reply - the
> article edit window remains in the foreground, even when I alt-TAB or
> deliberately click on the main window with the group and article lists.
> Sometimes I need to reference one or more previous articles, so I need
> to get the edit window out of the way to read those articles... but I
> can't.  Was this change intentional?  Is it something I can control
> through config files?
> It didn't used to work that way - in previous versions, selecting the
> main window would bring it to the foreground on top of the article edit
> window.  I'm 88.42% sure this is just Pan, because none of my other apps
> have changed behavior.
> I'm running 0.115 on Linux kernel 2.6.16, 7.10, and fluxbox window
> manager, all built from source with gcc 3.4.6.  I'll probably
> play with 0.116 this weekend, but I didn't see anything in the release
> notes that indicated a change in window positioning.

That has been noted before, and possibly a bug filed.  I notice it but
like the feature and will probably setup a kwin special window config for
it to do that after the feature is removed (assuming it is).  However, I
have dual 1600x1200 21" monitors, so if I need to, I just move it out of
the way.  Not all folks could do that.

I do expect it's seriously annoying for some, tho, and have actually been
expecting the "feature" to disappear, despite the fact that it works well

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