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[Pan-users] PAN and Kubuntu

From: André Fettouhi
Subject: [Pan-users] PAN and Kubuntu
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 09:57:48 +0100
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I have just started using PAN and I have some small problems with it.
When I download rar files, sometime PAN says that a file is
broken/corrupted and hence is not saved. My question is how can I get it
to save the corrupted file? Because when I'm done downloading I'm
missing more files than I have par files (and there no more available
for the files, i.e. posted) hence I cannot repair the archives. What do
I do then?



Dr. rer. nat. André Fettouhi
Mejerivej 40, Hjallese
DK-5260 Odense S
Telephone: +45-65920808
Mobile Phone: +45-23269256
E-Mail: address@hidden

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