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Re: [Pan-users] Pan Docs 070101

From: Darren Albers
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Pan Docs 070101
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 15:32:58 -0500
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Douglas Bollinger wrote:
On Mon, 01 Jan 2007 21:52:20 -0500
Darren Albers <address@hidden> wrote:

Not to sound stupid but what options are there for viewing this? OpenOffice seems to open it but the format seems off. If we have corrections or comments how should it be handled? Post to this list the page numbers and/or sections or should we redline the document and submit it somewhere?

The easiest way to view the docs is to use yelp, the Gnome documentation
browser.  From the command line, "yelp pan-docs.xml".  Once I get my docbook
installation sorted-out, I'll post a HTML version for those that don't have

Just email corrections/comments directly to me or you can post small things in
this mailing list.  The ideal correction would be a diff file from
pan-docs.xml, but even a correction like "In section 6.2 Body Views, there is
an error in the description of Wrap Article Body... etc." would be fine.  I'll
just add it in myself for those that aren't familiar with docbook.


Sorry for the delay in responding, opening it in Yelp worked great. First of all I think what you have done is wonderful and will be a great help to all the new Pan users! If you don't mind can you open a bug ticket and attach your help file so Charles can see it and hopefully it gets added by the 1.0 release?

My notes below are all pretty minor:

Section 2:
Should a link to a couple of sites that describe Usenet etiquette be included here or maybe a whole new section on it?
   For example:

Section 3.1
I would add a note that if your provider does not require authentication to leave the username and password field blank.

Section 3.6:
I think this line "A binary file on Usenet is usually composed of many smaller articles. Pan automatically organizes all these articles under one special article header." should be: "A binary file on /the/ Usenet /are/ usually composed of many smaller articles. Pan automatically organizes all these articles under one special article header."

3.6:  Maybe a note here that says something like:
"You can hold down ctrl to select multiple articles for download or use shift and select the first and last articles in a string to select all the articles in between"

1) Shouldn't information on NZB's be under the Binary Section?
2) Add a note about using pan to open NZB files from command line or outside application like Firefox opens only the task manager? For example: If you use pan to directly open NZB files you have downloaded elsewhere Pan will open it's task manager and prompt you for the save location.

1) Should a link to the Pan-Users mailing list be included somewhere? Maybe in a "For more help" section? Since Pan is a newsreader maybe a link to 2) Should there be an advanced section that lists some more options that are only available via editing preferences.xml? For example Keybindings, article cache

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