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[Pan-users] ANN: Pan 0.132 "Waxed in Black"

From: Charles Kerr
Subject: [Pan-users] ANN: Pan 0.132 "Waxed in Black"
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 12:49:19 -0500
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Aug 1, 2007 - Pan 0.132 "Waxed in Black"

This release clears out an assortment of bugfixes that have
accumulated over the last two months during a temporary lull
in development.

Bug Tickets addressed in this release:
 441859 in 0.131, 'read next unread' didn't always work (Artur Jachacy)
 456730 Text before signature delimiter is doubled (Alexander Skwar)
 444184 0.131 fails to build on RH4/CentOS4 (Steven Ellis)
 438021 can't post one message to multiple groups at one time (Keith)
 355041 Two-segment group name abbreviations (Benjamin Esham)
 447680 handle nzb files whose parts are unordered (Benjamin Charron)
 349490 better info for the Tasks button tooltip (Douglas Bollinger)
 456519 gmime dependency should be 2.1.9, not 2.1.0 (Gregory Lee)


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