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[Pan-users] Pan fails to deal with non-Latin usernames (Windows)

From: Roman
Subject: [Pan-users] Pan fails to deal with non-Latin usernames (Windows)
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 02:17:19 +0400


I've just decided to try Pan, but it looks like I won't be able to enjoy it. 
The symptoms are as follows: I start Pan, it says "You've launched Pan for 
the first time, blah blah, select a news server.". So I select a news 
server, it loads the group list, but Pan can't read any messages!

And when I close it and reopen it starts the "select a news server" routine 
again. No settings are remembered.

I'm blaming it on the username as a) it's indeed non-Latin (Àäìèíèñòðàòîð) 
and b) when launched as a user with a Latin name (postgres) it works fine. 
And c) I have a history of programs failing because of that 8=].

Fix please? 8=]


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