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[Pan-users] Re: update on freeze, high CPU getting new headers: GNOME!

From: alistair
Subject: [Pan-users] Re: update on freeze, high CPU getting new headers: GNOME!
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 22:28:33 +0000
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I have been having this problem as well, but only very recently, it is making Pan almost unusable!

Some history... since I have been using Pan for a looong time one of the first things I do when I install a distro is install Pan. When Hardy came out I switched from Fedora to Hardy and all was good, never had any speed problems except when loading huge lists and running out of memory. When Intrepid came out I duly upgraded and Pan slowed to a hopeless crawl. For that and several other reasons I re-installed Hardy but the Pan problem persists.

Having read the earlier threads I have tried compiling using various versions of GCC with no effect.

The fact that the version of Pan I used to have was fine but the clean install I did a couple of weeks ago wasn't suggests a new package has been created using more more recent libraries and there is some incompatibility in the libraries.

Further, the problem seems to be related to header display. I have a rule set up that allows me to display only the last couple of days headers (please bring back the Display New Headers filter!) this often results in a fairly small displayed list which can then be manipulated, filtered etc reasonably quickly. As soon as that rule is turned off it grinds to halt as Pan tries to display the much larger list.

Anyway I'll try XFCE see what effect that has


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